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Sl No Name Designation Department DOJ in NCERT View Profile
1 Vacant Principal Principal Office
2 Dr. Subhas Chandra Roy Professor of Education Department of Education 21.07.2006
3 Dr.(Mrs.) Balaida R. Dkhar Professor in Education Department of Extension Education 07.04.2004
4 Dr. (Mrs.) Flourette G. Dkhar Professor of Education and Dean (Instruction) and In-charge Principal Department of Education 01.05.2006
5 Smt. Shatarupa Palit Associate Professor in English Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 12.12.1985
6 Dr. Ph. Brajayanti Devi Associate Professor in Agriculture Department of Education in Science and Mathematics 27.05.1996
7 Dr. Tulika Dey Associate Professor in Geology Department of Education in Science and Mathematics 24.04.2006
8 Dr. Sima Saigal Associate Professor in History Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 01.05.2006
9 Dr. Chanambam Sarajubala Devi Associate Professor in Linguistic Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 31.05.2006
10 Dr. Melissa G. Wallang Associate Professor in Linguistics Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 31.03.2006
11 Dr. Basansy Kharlukhi Associate Professor in Education Department of Education 15.06.2009

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B.Ed., M.A. (Education), Ph.D.


Psychology in Education.


Educational Administration and Management, Guidance & Counseling, Teacher Education, Inclusive Education.


basancy(dot)kharlukhi(at)gov(dot)in / basansykharlukhi(at)


+91-364-2570024 (O)), +91-364-2570062 (Fax)

A Brief Profile

Dr Basansy Kharlukhi completed her Doctorate from North Eastern Hill University, Shillong. She joined NCERT in the year 2007 and her first posting as Lecturer was at Regional Institute of Education, Bhopal and had the experience of teaching Post Graduate students as well as Undergraduate students; she also had the experience of guiding research work/dissertation of M.Ed students. Prior to this she was teaching at St Mary’s College of Teacher Education, Shillong from March 2000 to April 2007. In June 2009 she was then transferred to NERIE, Shillong where she is serving till date. At NERIE she has coordinated a number of programmes such as Diploma course in Guidance and Counselling, B.Ed School Internship, State Coordinator of Mizoram, Meghalaya. At present she is a member of the Meghalaya Board of School Education, Meghalaya, member in the North East India Education Society (NEIES) an Academic body. She has also coordinated various programmes under PAC in areas such as inclusive education, guidance and counselling, research methodology, pedagogy, adolescence education; Skill based activities/Work Education, Psycho-educational Interventions for problems of adolescents. Dr Kharlukhi has also Coordinated in the development of supplementary reading material in the form of Compilation of Folktales of NER of India for Children of Grade I and II, under SSA and the objective of this material is to serve as a good source for literacy development of Children, training module for KRPs on inclusive education. Dr Kharlukhi has also taken up research under ERIC entitled “A Study on the Implementation of Inclusive Education at the elementary Level in the Selected States of the North Eastern Region” which was also published in Indian Educational Review “A Summary, Indian Educational Review (Half-yearly Journal of Educational Research) vol; 55, number 2, ISSN 0019-4700(Print) 2017, other areas of research includes status of commerce education at higher secondary level in NER, problems/issues and concerns in adolescence education, problems of students, teachers motivation at primary level, functioning of SMC at elementary level. She is also associated in other research as Co Principal Investigator such as impact of in-service training programmes, Factors Affecting Enrolment in the Government Schools at Elementary Level in Tripura, Factors Contributing to Teachers and Students Absenteeism at Elementary Level in Hill Areas of Manipur, Evaluation of In-service Training Programme Conducted in the State of Meghalaya etc. She has presented papers in regional, national and International conferences and seminars in the areas of school education, teacher education, inclusive education etc and has also published papers in both national, international journals and edited books. She has also worked with other faulty members in various PAC programmes as Co-coordinator and Resource Person and is actively involved in the various programmes and activities of the institute in various capacities.

12 Shri Ram Avdhesh Singh Assistant Professor in Geography Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 12.12.2004
13 Dr. Prachi Ghildyal Assistant Professor in Psychology Department of Education 17.04.2006
14 Dr.Tasongwi Newmei Assistant Professor in Sociology Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 21.03.2006
15 Shri Arnab Sen Assistant Professor in Physics Department of Education in Science and Mathematics 20.02.2014
16 Shri B.Umesh Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor in Special Education Department of Extension Education 08.09.2014
17 Dr. Seema. R Assistant Professor in Botany Department of Education in Science and Mathematics 18.04.2016
18 Dr Shanmugam Bhasha Assistant Professor in Zoology Department of Education in Science and Mathematics 07.02.2024
19 Dr Nirjesh Assistant Professor in Mathematics Department of Education in Science and Mathematics 09.02.2024
20 Dr.Sagnika Sahoo Assistant Professor in Education Department of Education 19.03.2024

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