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1 Vacant Principal Principal Office
2 Dr. Subhas Chandra Roy Professor of Education Department of Education 21/07/2006
3 Prof. Nityananda Pradhan Professor of Education Department of Education 06/03/2014
4 Dr.(Mrs.) Balaida R. Dkhar Professor in Education Department of Extension Education 07.04.2004
5 Dr. (Mrs.) Flourette G. Dkhar Professor of Education and Dean (Instruction) and In-charge Principal Department of Education 01.05.2006


Dr.FG Dkhar


MA (Edu.), B.Ed, PH.D (Edu.)


Teacher education, inclusive education, educational Psychology, child rights and child protection, minority education


Teacher Education, School Education Child Rights and Child Protection and Inclusive Education

Experience (no of Years) and relevant details Teaching and Research

Teaching- (Nearly 30 years) Before joining NCERT, Dr Dkhar worked as a Lecturer in the College of Teacher Education (PGT), Shillong for a period of 17 years. When she joined NERIE in 2006 , she has been involved in its training programmes, Short term courses and is also involved in the B.Ed Course of the institute.
Research- 15+ years ( The outstanding research works conducted were on the State Curriculum Studies of Meghalaya and Nagaland and also on UNESCO’s General Education Quality Analysis Diagnosis Frame work – a pilot study in the state of Meghalaya) Currently, she is one of the programme Coordinators on a study entitled, ‘Implementing Interventions at Elementary School stage: A Block Level Research Project’and where the Bhoirymbong Block of RiBhoi District of the state of Meghalaya has been taken for the study.


Has attended many Regional and National Seminars and Conferences


florette(dot)dkhar(at)gov(dot)in / fgdkhar(at)gmail(dot)com


+91-364-2570009 (O) +91-364- 2570062(Fax)

A Brief Profile

The love for teaching and interacting with the students is her greatest passion. Besides this, the other contribution to the field of Education are as follows- As Nodal officer of the Institute for RMSA , Dr Dkhar has worked extensively for the promotion of RMSA in the North Eastern part of the Country. As member of the Minority Cell of NCERT , various programmes were taken to reach out to religious Minority run schools in the region. As a Member of the State Commission on Protection of Child Rights, Govt. of Meghalaya, Dr Dkhar has been instrumental in creating awareness for the protection of Child Rights in all the Khasi and Jaintia Districts of the state of Meghalaya. This is her second term as member of the Academic Committee of the Meghalaya Board of School Education, Government of Meghalaya, She is also a member of the One Stop Crisis Centre, Govt. of Meghalaya. One of the NGO’s which she is closely associated with is Bethany Society, Shillong. (An NGO which creates opportunities for persons with disabilities and the rural poor through Inclusive Education, Sustainable Livelihoods, and Social Inclusion.) Here she is a member of the Technical Advisory Group for the Regional Strategy for Innovative and Inclusive Education in North East India. Dr Dkhar has also been invited many times for delivering speeches/lectures in numerous platforms be it in schools or in Colleges both within the state of Meghalaya and also outside.

6 Smt. Shatarupa Palit Associate Professor in English Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 12/12/1985
7 Dr. Ph. Brajayanti Devi Associate Professor in Agriculture Department of Education in Science and Mathematics 27.05.1996
8 Dr. Tulika Dey Associate Professor in Geology Department of Education in Science and Mathematics 24.04.2006
9 Dr. Sima Saigal Associate Professor in History Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 01.05.2006
10 Dr. Chanambam Sarajubala Devi Associate Professor in Linguistic Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 31.05.2006
11 Dr. Melissa G. Wallang Associate Professor in Linguistics Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 31.03.2006
12 Dr. Basansy Kharlukhi Associate Professor in Education Department of Education 25.05.2007
13 Shri Ram Avdhesh Singh Assistant Professor in Geography Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 12.12.2004
14 Dr. Prachi Ghildyal Assistant Professor in Psychology Department of Education 17.04.2006
15 Dr.Tasongwi Newmei Assistant Professor in Sociology Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 21.03.2006
16 Shri Arnab Sen Assistant Professor in Physics Department of Education in Science and Mathematics 20.02.2014
17 Shri B.Umesh Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor in Special Education Department of Extension Education 08.09.2014
18 Dr. Seema. R Assistant Professor in Botany Department of Education in Science and Mathematics 18.04.2016

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