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Sl No Name Designation Department Date of Joining View Profile
1 Prof. Bidyadhar Barthakur Principal Principal Office 03.07.2017
2 Dr. Subhas Chandra Roy Professor of Education Department of Education 21.07.2006
3 Dr.(Mrs.) Balaida R. Dkhar Professor in Education and Dean(R) Department of Extension Education 24.12.2012
4 Dr. Shatarupa Palit Associate Professor in English and Dean of Instructions Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 09.03.2015
5 Dr. Ph. Brajayanti Devi Associate Professor in Agriculture Department of Education in Science and Mathematics 13.02.2006
6 Dr. (Mrs.) Flourette G. Dkhar Associate Professor in Education Department of Education 01.05.2006
7 Shri. Anand Valmiki Assistant Professor Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 19.05.2017
8 Dr. Melissa G. Wallang Assistant Professor in Linguistics Department of Extension Education 31.03.2006
9 Dr. Prachi Ghildyal Assistant Professor in Psychology Department of Education 17.04.2006

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D.Phil (Psychology), University of Allahabad , MA (Psychology), University of Allahabad.


Clinical and Developmental Psychology, Culture, Mental health.


Culture and Education, Values and Education, Behavioral problems of children


prachi.rd (at)


+91-364-2570024 (L) (Ext-209), +91-9436314260 (Mobile), +91-364- (Fax)

A Brief Profile

A Doctorate (D.Phil.) in Psychology from University of Allahabad , Dr. Prachi Ghildyal joined as Lecturer in Psychology at NERIE, Shillong in 2006. Before joining NERIE she was working as Research Officer at G.B. Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad. Her specialization during her study included i) Advances in Organization Theory; ii) Teaching of Psychology; iii) Applied Social Psychology; iv) Multivariate Statistical Techniques and v) Qualitative Research Methods. A UGC JRF-SRF, Dr. Prachi received many awards after completing her M.A. She has received i) University of Allahabad’s Allahabad Jubilee Gold Medal for M.A. in Psychology; ii) University of Allahabad’s Krishna Mohan Banerjee Gold Medal for M.A. in Psychology; iii) University of Allahabad’s E.C.G.Williams Gold Medal for M.A. in Psychology; iv) University of Allahabad’s Khajurgaon Raj Gold Medal for M.A. in Psychology; v) University of Allahabad’s Laxmi Prasad Verma Gold Medal for M.A. in Psychology. Her major publications include i) “Towards an Indian Psychology of Education” with Prof. RC Tripathy in Anveshika, inaugural issue, a journal brought out by NCTE, 2004; ii) “Early identification of mental illness” in Health for all, 2005; iii) “Equity, Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development” with Prof. B. P. Sahu in M.K.Satpathy (ed.) Education, Environment and Sustainable Development. Shipra Publications, 2007. Dr. Prachi has also presented a few papers such as “A study of Cultural Construction of Mental Health and Illness and Developing an Informational Programme” in First Conference of Ph.D scholars of U.P. organized jointly by G.B.Pant Social Science Institute and ICSSR, 2000; ii) “Folk Notions of Causation and Treatment of Mental Disorders: The Dargah of Munawwar Shah” in 12th Annual Conference of National Academy of Psychology, Kollam, Kerala, 2001. Dr. Prachi has coordinated following program while working at NERIE: i) Training of Anganwadi Workers and pre-school teachers on the quality dimensions of Early Childhood Care and Education in NERIE; ii) Training on orientation of master trainers of NVs and KVs on new English textbook for class 3 and NCF-2005; iii) Acted as resource person in various other programmes organized by NERIE; iv) Orientation of elementary school teachers of north eastern states on identification and remediation of emotional problems of school children; v) Workshop for developing local Teaching Learning Material/activities for joyful learning; vi) Research on comparative study of child rearing practices in northeast and north India; vii) Coordinator for North East in Research on “Caring for Students’ Feelings: A study of children’s perceptions of their emotions in learning” by DEPFE, NCERT and Coordinator, Stress Management for District and State level officers in the educational set-up. Presently Dr. Prachi Ghildyal is one of the coordinators of IDGC course at NERIE, Shillong.

10 Dr. Tulika Dey Assistant Professor in Geology Department of Education in Science and Mathematics 24.04.2006
11 Dr. Sima Saigal Assistant Professor in History Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 01.05.2006
12 Dr. Chanambam Sarajubala Devi Assistant Professor in Linguistic Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 31.05.2006
13 Dr. Basansy Kharlukhi Assistant Professor in Education Department of Education 15.06.2009
14 Shri Ram Avdhesh Singh Assistant Professor of Geography Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 21.07.2014
15 Dr.Tasongwi Newmei Assistant Professor in Sociology Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 21.03.2006
16 Shri Arnab Sen Assistant Professor in Physics Department of Education in Science and Mathematics 20.02.2014
17 Shri B.Umesh Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor in Special Education Department of Extension Education 08.09.2014
18 Dr. Seema. R Assistant Professor in Botany Department of Education in Science and Mathematics 18.04.2017

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