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Sl No Name Designation Department DOJ in NCERT View Profile
1 Prof. Bidyadhar Barthakur Principal Principal Office 27/03/2008
2 Dr. Subhas Chandra Roy Professor of Education Department of Education 21/07/2006
3 Prof. Nityananda Pradhan Professor of Education Department of Education 06/03/2014
4 Dr.(Mrs.) Balaida R. Dkhar Professor in Education and Dean(R) Department of Extension Education 07.04.2004
5 Dr. (Mrs.) Flourette G. Dkhar Professor of Education and Dean (Instruction) Department of Education 01.05.2006
6 Smt. Shatarupa Palit Associate Professor in English Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 12/12/1985
7 Dr. Ph. Brajayanti Devi Associate Professor in Agriculture Department of Education in Science and Mathematics 27.05.1996
8 Dr. Tulika Dey Associate Professor in Geology Department of Education in Science and Mathematics 24.04.2006
9 Dr. Sima Saigal Associate Professor in History Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 01.05.2006
10 Dr. Chanambam Sarajubala Devi Associate Professor in Linguistic Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 31.05.2006
11 Dr. Melissa G. Wallang Associate Professor in Linguistics Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 31.03.2006






Sign Linguistics and Language Education of the Deaf.


Linguistics and Sign Linguistics Interests:

Applied Linguistics, ELT, Minor/Tribal Languages, Inclusive Education (Sign Language and the Deaf community) Digital Archiving of Sign Languages and Development of Multi-media curricular content, Artificial Intelligence and Sign Language


16 years of experience in teaching and research

From 31st March, 2006 till date


melissa(dot)wallang(at)gov(dot)in / melissancert(at)gmail(dot)com



Books & Publications & Research Papers: A few mentioned here

1.Sign Linguistics and Language Education for the Deaf : An Overview of North-East Region, 174pp. Academic Excellence, 2007, xviii ISBN: 81-89901-20-2

2.An Introduction to Sign Language: A Visual Dictionary, 258 pp. Lakshi Publication, New Delhi. ISBN 978-93-8212054-4

3.Mobile app ‘Meghalaya Sign Bank’ in sign language. This was launch by the state government of Meghalaya, December, 2018. Available at google play store

4.Under Padhe Bharat Badhe Bharat:

5.Reading Cards Class I, Copyright SSA/SEMAM, Govt. of Meghalaya, 2017. Eastern Panorama Offset: ISBN 978-81-935221-5-8

6.Reading Cards Class II Copyright SSA/SEMAM, Govt. of Meghalaya, 2017. Eastern Panorama Offset: ISBN 978-81-935221-5-8

7.Reading Cards Class III Copyright SSA/SEMAM, Govt. of Meghalaya, 2017. Eastern Panorama Offset: ISBN 978-81-935221-5-8

8.Reader’s Theatre Class IV Copyright SSA/SEMAM, Govt. of Meghalaya, 2017. Eastern Panorama Offset: ISBN 978-81-935221-5-8

9.Reader’s Theatre Class V Copyright SSA/SEMAM, Govt. of Meghalaya, 2017. Eastern Panorama Offset: ISBN 978-81-935221-5-8

10.The Making of Shillong Sign Language Multimedia Lexicon (ShSL MML), pp. 296-321.Sign Language Studies, Volume 15, Number 3, Spring 2015. ISSN 0302-1475 USPS NO.019-735

11.Wallang, Melissa G. Barriers in d/Deaf Pedagogy in the North Eastern States in India in. Handbook of Research and Practice in Heritage Language Education Editors: Peter Pericles Trifonas, Themistoklis Aravossitas Springer International Handbook of Education, p 1-22. 2016 .ISBN: 978-3-319-38893-9 (Print) 978-3-319-38893-9 (Online publication)

12.Wallang, M.G. 2019 Documentation of Sign Languages of North East India, Indian Journal of Educational Technology Vol.1. Issue 1, January 2019 CIET, NCERT, New Delhi (Vol. 1). New Delhi. doi: January 2019, 1-15

13.Issues and Challenges of Bilingual-Bicultural programme in Deaf Education: A case of Shillong. In Literature, Culture and Language Education, 2011. ISBN: 978-81-906622-8-4.

14.Phonology of Shillong sign language (ShSL) and English Language Teaching., 2011.In. Issues in Teaching-Learning Second and Foreign Languages ISBN: 81-90662-5-3.

15.Wallang, M.G. (2021) Equity in Learning. In Achieving Sustainable Development Goals 2030:Education as a Catalyst Endeavour Ed. B. Barthakur & B. Dkhar, pp-96-105Author, Guwahati, Assam

16.Devi, S. & Wallang, M.G (2022). Sustaining Cultural Values in Formal Education: Integration of Folktales in School Language Curriculum. Language in India ISSN 1930-2940 Vol. 22: March, 22 pp.110-118 (2nd Author)

17.Wallang, M.G. & Kharlukhi, B. (2022). Enhancing Reading Fluency during the Pandemic, Language in India. ISSN 1930-2940 Vol. 22: March, 22 pp-211-225 (1st Author)

18.Wallang, M.G. & Kharlukhi, B, (2021) Addressing Quality Inclusive Education in the Approaching Situations. In Recent Trends in Inclusive Education. Vanitha, C. (ed) Today Tomorrow’s & Printers & Publisher, New Delhi pp. 163-174 (1st Author)

19.Wallang, M.G. (2022). Sign Language in Multilingual Context: The Dilemma of Deaf People in School Education. In NEP 2020: Indian Languages, Arts & Culture. Eds. Saryug Yadav & Ram Niwas, 2022 ISBN:978-81-956411-54

20.Wallang, M.G. (2022). Linguistic Accessibility an Approach to Deaf Education In. Journal of Contemporary Concerns and Challenges in Education, Principal, NERIE-NCERT, Offset Panorama Printing Press, Shillong.


A few mentioned here: Workshop entitled Professional Development workshop on Teaching English Language Skills organized by Embassy of USA, New Delhi 11-12 November, 2011.

Workshop on Integrating Tribal Culture in English Language Teaching, organised by English Teaching Association of India, May30-June 1, 2011

Bang nang pynbha ia ka Jinghikai ha ka ktien Khasi kaba la ioh jaka mynta haduh ka kyrdan Ph.D , Regional Conference, Khasi Authors Society at 2011., St. Edmund’s College (Regional Conference)

Quality concerns in English Language Assessment under RMSA at Regional Conference Quality Education at the Secondary Level 12th to 14th March, 2013

Whither MLE? Rethinking Multilingual Education in the 21st Century, JNU, 21st- 23rd of November, 2013

Linguistic Investigation into Emerging forms in Indian Sign Language (As First Author with Second author Kumari Mamta) ICOLSI-36 1st -4th Dec, 2014

Issues on Quality Education and Learning Outcomes for the Deaf, National Seminar on IMPROVING LEARNING OUTCOMES AT SCHOOL LEVEL: ISSUES IN POLICY PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION, NEC and NERIE, 2014

Techniques and Strategies in Promoting English Language Learning for Profoundly Deaf Children at a Regional Conference on Pedagogical Innovations in Education held at NERIE from 17th -18th March, 2015

Seminar on Capacity Building of Rehabilitation Professionals for Persons with Disabilities in North Eastern States, Shillong, 25-26th of February, 2016.

Rights of Deaf Children at the Primary Level Education, National Meet on Minor, Minority and Tribal Languages in School Education, NIE, NCERT, New Delhi, 2014

A Brief Profile

Dr. Melissa G. Wallang joined NERIE from 2006 to 2013(till July 2013) and left to join on lien to the Jawaharlal Nehru University at the Centre for Linguistics from August, 2013 to September 2015 and returned to NERIE-NCERT, in October, 2015. She has conducted many programs while working at NERIE. She has coordinated the development of a manual on bridging the gap between home language and school language in the state of Meghalaya; Manual of Basic/Children’s Vocabulary in Tribal/Minor Languages of NE States; Instructional material on Sign language for Deaf Education with reference to Indian and several others. Besides these Dr. Wallang has also conducted research studies and a few are mentioned hereShe was also associated with the Development of Source Book on Learners’ Assessment at Primary Level, NCERT. She was associated with research projects entitled “Status Study of Tribal Dialects at Elementary Level under SSA”, NERIE-NCERT and research project of DOL, NCERT entitled “A study on the teaching of English in Government Schools at the Primary Level in India”, an MHRD, project. Her main researches include:A Study of the Existing Teaching-Learning Methods in English Language Learning for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children at the Elementary Level", NERIE- NCERT, 2015-March, 2016. In teaching of English, she conducted a Study of Student-Teacher Classroom Interaction in Semi-urban and Rural Schools of Meghalaya 2017. Her major research was on the ddocumentation of Sign Language for School Education in the North East Region 2017. The outcome of this research to which she was awarded at the 22nd All India Children’s Educational Audio-Video Festival and ICT Mela for the NESL: SignBank (online database) to support teachers and students. A Multi-media base instructional material to understand sign language and in teaching of English). She and her colleague also conducted a study on Perception and Attitude of Community Members and Educational Stakeholders on Mother Tongue Education in NE region, 2015-17 (Manipur & Meghalaya). She has coordinated several training programmes covering her area of specialisation and interest in different parts of NE region. As member of the minority cell, she has also conducted training programme for teachers from minority institutions with her colleague.

Currently she is working on a the second phase of the research documentation of sign languages in the NER and also in development of an app for enhancing communication skills in inclusive settings.

12 Dr. Basansy Kharlukhi Associate Professor in Education Department of Education 25.05.2007
13 Shri. Anand Valmiki Assistant Professor in Education Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 24.09.2001
14 Shri Ram Avdhesh Singh Assistant Professor in Geography Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 12.12.2004
15 Dr. Prachi Ghildyal Assistant Professor in Psychology Department of Education 17.04.2006
16 Dr.Tasongwi Newmei Assistant Professor in Sociology Department of Education in Languages and Social Sciences 21.03.2006
17 Shri Arnab Sen Assistant Professor in Physics Department of Education in Science and Mathematics 20.02.2014
18 Shri B.Umesh Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor in Special Education Department of Extension Education 08.09.2014
19 Dr. Seema. R Assistant Professor in Botany Department of Education in Science and Mathematics 18.04.2016

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