Institute’s Advisory Board (IAB) of NERIE

Director, NCERT, New Delhi has constituted the Institutes’ Advisory Board (IAB) of NERIE as following:

  1. Principal, NERIE, Shillong: Chairperson
  2. Dean of Instructions : Member
  3. All Heads of Departments of NERIE : Member
  4. Head, PPMED, NCERT, New Delhi : Member
  5. Five external experts nominated by the Director, NCERT, New Delhi : Member
  6. Two faculty members nominated by the Director : Member

The function of the Institute Advisory Board is to advise the Institute on all academic programmes, projects and activities. As per the States’ needs, the Institute submits the educational program proposals before the IAB and IAB is expected to assist/advise at the proposal stage of the programs in the areas of extension, research, training and development.