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Arunachal Pradesh

To the extreme North East of Indian Union there is Arunachal Pradesh, the land where the sun peeps first in the morning in India. With an area of 83,743 sqkms. Arunachal borders Bhutan on the west, China on the north, Myanmar on the east and Assam on the south. Originally a Union Territory, Arunachal came to be a full fledge state in 1987. As is shown by its geographical location, it has strategic importance.There are 26 major tribes and a number of sub tribes of Mongoloid origin in Arunachal. With rivers like Kameng, Subansiri, Siang, Lohit and Tirap flowing across it, and with lush green of forest, deep river valley and beautiful plateaus Arunachal is a charming proposal for a tourist. Arunachal Pradesh is highly rich in flora and fauna varieties of wildlife found here. Besides different varieties of animals, 500 plus bird species have been recorded in Arunachal. Coming to its flora it can feel proud of its 500 plus species of orchids, some of them being rare, endangered and threatened species.

Coordinator for the State: Shri. R. A. Singh
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email ID: ramavdheshsingh(at)gmail(dot)com
Contact No: 0364-2570009, M: 7085401602

Arunachal Pradesh State Contacts

State Institute of Education, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, Old Directorate School Education Building, Naharlagun-791110. Arunachal Pradesh, INDIA

Director, School Education, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar-791111. Arunachal Pradesh, INDIA Tel: 0360-2290307 Fax:- 0360-2290464,

Deputy Director, School Education (Teacher education) Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar-791111. Arunachal Pradesh, INDIA Tel:- 0360-2290467, Fax:- 0360-2290464,

Coordinator, School Education, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar-791111 Arunachal Pradesh, INDIA Tel/Fax: 0360-2351726

SPD, SSA, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar. Arunachal Pradesh, INDIA Tel:- 0360-2218238. Fax:- 0360-2291391. Email id-

DIET Addresses

  1. DIET, Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh- 792 120
  2. DIET, Roing, Lower Dibang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh – 792 110
  3. DIET, Papumpare, Naharlagun, Arunachal Pradesh -791110
  4. DIET, Dirang, West Kameng, Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh
  5. DIET, Seppa, East Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh-790192
  6. DIET, Pasighat, East Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh-791102


Assam is a unique state of north eastern part of India. It is situated at the heart of the seven north eastern states Assam covers an area of about 78,438 Km. It is bonded by Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh on the North, Mizoram and Meghalaya on the South, Nagaland and Manipur on the East and Tripura, Bangladesh and West Bengal on the West. Prior to 1972 Shillong was the capital of Assam. But in 1972 it capital was shifted from Shillong and established at Dispur at the outskirts of Guwahati. Assam was known by different names in different periods. In the “Ramayana” and “Mahabharata” the great epies, Assam was mentioned as “Pragjyotish” which means the land of eastern light. From 4th & 5th century B.C. The name “Kamrupa” became more popular than Pragjyotish. Prior to 13th century this land was not known as Assam. At the early part of 13th century, i.e in 1228 B.C. Tai Ahom under the leadership of Sukapha conquered Brahmaputra Valley and establish Ahom Kingdom. So the local inhabitants began to call them “Asama” or “Ahoma”. From this “Ahoma” this tribe came to known as “Ahom”; later on the land they occupied was called Asom. The indigenous Assamese people include ethnic groups like Assamese Brahmins (including Ganaks), Ahom, Koch, Rajbonshi, Kacharis, Rabha, Karbi, Chutias, Kalitas, Reot (Kailash), Assamese Muslims, Assamese Sikhs and Assamese Christians speaking Assamese or any other tribal dialect of Assam as their mother tongue.Geographically Assam can be divided into three physical divisions. They are the (1) Brahmaputra Valley, (2) The Barak Valley and (3) the hilly area of Karbi Anglong and North Cachar District. The climate of Assam is mainly moderate i.e neither to hot nor to cold. Owing to this favorable climate and fertile soil most part of the land is covered with forest and its resources. Karizranga, Manas, Orang, Laokhowa, Sonairupa, Pabitara and Nambar are the seven big forest of Assam. The world famous one horned Rhino is found in the Karizanga National Park. Assam is also known for Assam Tea, Assam silk and huge reservoir of mineral resources. Chief among them are oil and natural gas, coal, limestone, China Clay etc.The life style of Assamese society was based on the Hindu undivided family system. Brahmins occupied the top most position in the society and exercised immense influence upon it. But in Assam caste system is not very rigid. Here the Assamese people and people belonging to different tribes live peacefully in cooperation with each other. The Socio Cultural transaction that take place between these people exercise great influence on their societies and they live in harmony irrespective of their caste and creed.

Coordinator for the State:Dr. Tulika Dey
Designation:Associate Professor
Email ID: dey_tulika(at)
Contact No: 9435307160

Assam State Contacts

Director, State Council of Educational Research and Training, Government of Assam, Kahilipara, Guwahati-781019 Assam, INDIA

Tel/Fax: 0361-2382507

Email id:

Director, Elementary Education, Government of Assam, Kahilipara, Guwahati—781019 Assam, INDIA

Tel/Fax: 0361-2381180

SPD, SSA, Government of Assam, Kahilipara, Guwahati —781019 Assam, INDIA

DIET Addresses

  1. DIET, Barpeta,
    Howly, Mrinal Choudhury, Principal i/c
    94350 28407, 60006 99416

  2. DIET, Bongaigaon, Gauri Sankar Sarma,
    Principal i/c
    98644 00199

  3. DIET, Cachar, Udharbond,
    Dr. Jibendu Dutta, Principal i/c
    94351 71004

  4. DIET, Darrang, Dalgaon,
    Madhab Sarma, Principal i/c
    94351 81303

  5. DIET, Dhemaji
    Dr. Porash Kr. Bhagawati, Sr. Lecturer cum Principal i/c
    97063 08827

  6. DIET, Dhubri,Golakganj,
    Eusob Ali Sheikh, Principal i/c
    98545 11950

  7. DIET, Dibrugarh,Chabua,
    Runu Gogoi Sonowal, Principal
    94354 73458

  8. DIET, Dima Hasao(N.C. Hills),
    Soma Khersa, Principal i/c
    94350 77596

  9. DIET, Goalpara,Dudhnoi,
    Dr. Nirada Devi, Director,SCERT & Principal i/c
    94350 12728

  10. DIET, Golaghat,Dergaon,
    Sadhan Paul, Principal i/c
    92071 91660

  11. DIET, Hailakandi,
    Khalilur RahmanBarbhuyan, Principal
    96139 70061

  12. DIET, Jorhat,
    Titabor, Ruli Dutta Saikia,Principal i/c
    94350 96818

  13. DIET, Kamrup, Mirza,
    Bharati Kalita, Sr. Lecturer cum Principal i/c
    94357 34586

  14. DIET, Karbi Anglong,
    Kakrai Teronpi, Sr.Lecturer, DIET, Dima Hasao & Principal i/c,
    80118 04943

  15. DIET, Karimganj,Kaliganj,
    Prabhat Ranjan Nath,Principal i/c
    94350 75437

  16. DIET, Kokrajhar,
    Anima Narzary, Principal i/c
    75779 62076 / 70862 46512

  17. DIET, Lakhimpur,Azad,
    Dulami Herenz Pando, Principal i/c
    94355 65123

  18. DIET, Morigaon,
    Nasimuddin Ahmed,Principal i/c
    99579 61238

  19. DIET, Nagaon,Samaguri,
    Geeta Deka, Principal i/c
    94351 60161 /

  20. DIET, Nalbari,
    Pankaja Baruah, Principal i/c
    98640 42109

  21. DIET, Sivasagar,Sonari,
    Bishnupriya Saikia,Principal i/c
    94011 13161 /

  22. DIET, Sonitpur,Biswanath Chariali,
    Sarala Devi, Principal
    94353 82824

  23. DIET, Tinsukia, Anju Borthakur,
    Principal i/c
    84718 95170

Shri Preetom Saikia, IAS Commissioner and Secretary Department of Elementary Education Government of Assam
Assam Secretariat, C Block, Ground F, Dispur, Guwahati- 781006, Assam District-Kamrup Metro , Assam
Phone No : 0361- 2237211

Dr. Nirada Devi Director, SCERT SCERT Government of Assam
Kahilipara, Guwahati - 781019 District-Kamrup Metro , Assam

Smt. Suranjana Senapati, ACS Secretary, Secondary Board of Education,
Assam Secondary Board of Education, Assam Government of Assam
Bamunimaidan, Guwahati - 781021 District-Kamrup Metro , Assam

Sri Manoranjan Kakati, AES Secretary,
Assam Higher Secondary Education Council
Assam Higher Secondary Education Council Government of Assam
Bamunimaidan, Guwahati - 781021 District-Kamrup Metro , Assam 0361-2551565


Nestling on a plateau far above the sea level, deep within a lush green corner of North East India is the wonderfully beautiful little Shangrila called Manipur. The word Manipur means “the land of Jewels”. This jewel land is an oval shaped valley which is surrounded by blue and green hills, with its cascading rapids, tripping rivers, carpet of flowers, exotic blooms and lazy lakes and all this has inspired its description at the "Switzerland of the East”. Manipur became the 20th state of the Indian Union in 1972. The state spans over 22,327 sqkms and share an International boundary with Myanmar in the west and lies south of Nagaland, North of Mizoram and west of Assam. The people and the tribes of Manipur include Meities, Naga and Kuki – Chin Mizo groups and other colourful communities which have in complete harmony for centuries. Manipur is a mosaic of traditions and cultural patterns. In the field of art and culture, the state is best represented by its classical and folk dance forms. Manipur is the land of Polo’s (Sagol Khngjei) birth. Manipuris were earlier recognized as skillful warriors and still practice the arts of wrestling, sword fighting and other martial arts. Manipur has primarily an agasian economy, with significant hydroelectric power generation potential. It is connected to other areas by daily flights through Imphal Airport, the second largest in the North Eastern India.

Coordinator for the State:Dr. Ph B Devi
Designation: Associate Professor
Email ID:phbrajayantidevi(at)gmail(dot)com
Contact No:9612710608

Manipur State Contacts

Director State Council of Educational Research and Training, Government of Manipur, DM College campus, Imphal West-795001 Manipur, INDIA

Fax: 0385-2223459

Director, Directorate of School Education Government of Manipur, Imphal West-795001 Manipur, INDIA

The SPD, SSA Government of Manipur, Opposite Secretariat, Babupara, Imphal-795001

DIET Addresses

  1. DIET, Kakching, Thoubal, Manipur- 795013
  2. DIET, Imphal, D.M.College Campus, Imphal-795001
  3. DIET, Ukhrul, Hundung, Manipur- 795142
  4. DIET, Chandel, Hnatham Village, Chandel, Manipur-796127
  5. DIET, Churachandpur, Manipur-795128
  6. DIET, Moirang, Bishnupur, Manipur
  7. DIET, Senapati, Manipur-795006
  8. DIET, Tamei, Tamenglong District, Manipur-795125


Originally known as Lushai Hills, Mizoram was carved out of Assam and declared a Union Territory on 21st January, 1972. Later on 15th August, 1986 it was given a statehood and came to be the 23rd state of India. Mizoram means “Land of Mizos”. Within the north east region, it is the southernmost landlocked state, sharing borders with three of the seven sister states, namely Tripura, Assam and Manipur. The state also shares a 722 Kilometre border with the neighbouring countries of Bangladesh and Myanmar. Mizoram covers an area of approximately 21,087 sq.kms. About 91% of the state is forested. Mizoram too is a land lying on the cradle of nature’s beauty. Decorated with rows of hills the state is at an altitude of 900m above the sea level. Ranging from the north to the south the hills are divided into several ranges with an altitude of 2165m the “Blue Mountain” is the highest of the hills in Mizoram. Traditionally, the Mizos are martial people. They have their own culture and they are proud of it. The bamboo dance called Chero, performed by the beautiful Mizo girls is now appreciated all over the country. This is the highest concentration of tribal people among all states of India, and they are currently protected under Indian Constitution as a Scheduled Tribe. Mizoram is one of the three states of India with a Christian majority. Its people belong to various denominations, mostly Presbyterian in the North and Baptist in the South.

Coordinator for the State:Dr. Chanambam Sarajubala Devi
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email ID:sarajubala(at)
Contact No:7640879947

Mizoram State Contacts

Secretary cum Director, School Education,< Govt. of Mizoram, Aizawl-796007 Mizoram, INDIA

Tel: 0389-2341233, Fax: 0389-2349542

The SPD,
SSA & Joint Director, Directorate of School Education, Govt of Mizoram, Aizawl-796007 Mizoram, INDIA

Tel: 0389-2345959, Fax: 0389-2346363

The Director,
State Council of Educational Research and Training, Government of Mizoram, Chaltlang, Aizawl-796012 Mizoram, INDIA

Tel: 0389-2347790, EPABX: 0389-2349784, Fax: 0389-2306709

Website: Email: scertmizoram(at)gmail(dot)com

Mizoram SSA Mission
DIET Complex, Chaltlang, Aizawl-796012

Tel: 0389-2346161 Fax: 0389-2346363 Website:

DIET Aizawl
Chaltlang, Aizawl-796012 Mizoram Tel: 0389-2341006, 2349606 Fax: 0389-2346345 Email id: dietaizawl(at)gmail(dot)com


The name of this beautiful state itself is poetic. “Megha” means clouds and “Alaya” means abode. Thus Meghalaya is the “abode of clouds”. The tribal state of the Khasis, the Jaintias and the Garos was originally a part of Assam, but on January 21,1972 it was declared a state of the Indian Union. The rows of tall green pine trees, rolling hills, rivers and streams and roads with serpentine windings, cascading waterfalls, and rich flora and orchids make Meghalaya a paradise for the tourists. To add its attraction, Meghalaya has an educated, cultured and hospitable people. Mostly Christians, they are well versed in English and Hindi, in addition to their local languages.Meghalaya covers an area of approximately 22,430 square km, with a length to breath ratio of about 3:1. The State is bounded to the south by the Bangladeshi divisions of Mymensingh & Shylhet, to the west by the Bangladeshi divisions of Rangpur, and to the north and east by Assam. The capital of Meghalaya is Shillong. During the British rule of India, the British authorities nicknamed it the “Scotland of the East”. The state is the wettest region of India, recording an average of 12,000mm of rain in a year. About 70% of the state is forested. The forest are notable for their biodiversity of mammals, birds and plants. Meghalaya has predominantly an agarian economy with a significant commercial forestry industry. The important crops are Potatoes, rice, maize, pineapples, bananas, papaya, spices etc. Situated at a height of 1496 metre above sea level, Shillong central point is Police Bazar. It is terminal point of all the buses and taxis coming from Guwahati.

Coordinator for the State: Dr. Basansy Kharlukhi
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email ID: basansykharlukhi(at)
Contact No: 7085789792

Meghalaya State Contacts

Directorate of Educational Research and Training, Government of Meghalaya, Laitumkharah, Nongrimmaw, Shillong-793011 Meghalaya, INDIA

Fax: 0364-2233752

DIET Addresses

  1. DIET, Thadlaskein, Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya– 793151
  2. DIET, Cherapunjee (Sohra), Saitsohpen, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya-793108
  3. DIET, Resubelpara, East Garo Hills, Meghalaya-794108
  4. DIET, Dist – RI Bhoi, Saiden Village, Po – Nongpoh, Meghalaya – 793102
  5. DIET, Dist – West Garo Hills, Po – Chandmary, Rongkhon, Tura, Meghalaya – 794002
  6. District Institute of Education & Training, Nongstoin, Nongpynding, Po – Nongstoin, West Khasi Hills, Meghalay- 793119
  7. DIET, District Institute of Education and Training, Bolsalgre, Baghmara - 794102, South Garo Hills, Meghalaya - India


The narrow strip of mountain territory, Nagaland has Assam to its north and west, Manipur to its south and Myanmar to its east. Originally a district of Assam, Nagaland was declared 16th state of India on 15th December 1963. It is the only state in the country which has English as the official state language.With an area of about 16,579 sqrKms. Nagaland has hills ranging from 2000ft to 10,000ft in altitude. Saramati near Kohima, is the highest peak in Nagaland with an altitude of 3826 meters. Several majopr rivers of Assam, such as Dhanshiri, Doyang, Bhogdai, Jhanji originates in Nagaland. The state has also a rich variety of flora and fauna. They are mainly inhabited by 16 groups of Tibeto-Burma tribes. Their distinctive shawls differentiate one tribe from the other. Each tribe has its own dialect, but the lingua – franca among the tribes is Nagamese. Christianity is the chief religion in Nagaland.

Coordinator for the State:Dr. T Newmei
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email ID: tasongwi(at)rediffmail(dot)com
Contact No:9862223057

Nagaland State Contacts

The Director, Directorate of School Education, Government of Nagaland Kohima-797001 Nagaland, INDIA Tel/Fax: 0370-229-258

Director, State Council of Educational Research and Training Government of Nagaland, Kohima-797001 Nagaland, INDIA

Fax:- 0370-2270160

DIET Addresses

  1. DIET, Chiechama, Kohima, Nagaland- 797001
  2. DIET, Touensang, Nagaland-798601
  3. DIET, Mokokchung, Yimyu Compound, Nagaland-798601


Sikkim is a state in Northeast India. It borders the Tibet Autonomous Region of China in the north and northeast, Bhutan in the east, Nepal in the west and the Indian state of West Bengal in the south. Sikkim is also located close to India's Siliguri Corridornear Bangladesh. Sikkim is the least populous and second smallest among the Indian states. A part of the Eastern Himalaya, Sikkim is notable for its biodiversity, including alpine and subtropical climates, as well as being a host to Kanchenjunga, the highest peak in India and third highest on Earth. Sikkim's capital and largest city is Gangtok. The Kingdom of Sikkim was founded on the Silk Road by the Namgyal dynasty in the 17th century. It was ruled by a Buddhist priest-king known as the Chogyal. It became a princely state of British India in 1890. After 1947, Sikkim continued its protectorate status with the republic of India. It enjoyed the highest literacy rate and per capita income among Himalayan states. In 1975, the Indian military deposed the Sikkimese monarchy. A referendum in 1975 led to Sikkim joining India as its 22nd state. Modern Sikkim is a multiethnic and multilingual Indian state. Sikkim has 11 official languages: Nepali, Sikkimese, Lepcha, Tamang, Limbu, Newari, Rai, Gurung, Magar, Sunwar and English. English is taught in schools and used in government documents. Sikkim's economy is largely dependent on agriculture and tourism, and as of 2014 the state had the third-smallest GDP among Indian states although it is also among the fastest-growing. Sikkim accounts for the largest share of cardamom production in India, and is the world's second largest producer of the spice after Guatemala. Sikkim achieved its ambition to convert its agriculture to fully organic over the interval 2003 to 2016, the first state in India to achieve this distinction. It is also among India's most environmentally conscious states, having banned plastic water bottles and styrofoam products.

Coordinator for the State:Mr B Umesh Sharma
Designation: Associate Professor
Email ID: umesh.ncert(at)
Contact No: 8259050333

Sikkim State Contacts

Director, School Education and Administration, Human Resource Development Department, Govt. of Sikkim, PO Secretariat Gangtok-737101 Sikkim, INDIA

Joint Director, State Institute of Education, Government of Sikkim, PO –Rajbhawan Gangtok-737102 Sikkim, INDIA


DIET Addresses

  1. DIET, Tathangchen, Raj Bhawan, Gangtok, Sikkim-737103


With a geographical area of about 10,500 sqkms. Tripura is bounded on the north, west, south and southeast by the international boundary of Bangladesh. In the east it has common boundary with Assam and Mizoram. Hills & forest covers 60% of its total area. The former princely state of Tripura was ruled by Maharaja of Manikya dynasty. In 1949 it acceded to Indian Union. On January 21 1972 it attained statehood. With 19 different tribal communities Bengali, Manipuri, Lushai and Chakma community residing in the state,Tripura has a composite culture. Each community has its own dance forms which are famous in the country. Tripura specializes in handloom and handicrafts. Its exceptional, decorative articles made from bamboo-roots, bamboo and cane furniture and other exquisite handicraft are sure to lighten the purse of any tourist.

Coordinator for the State:Dr Melissa Wallang
Designation:Associate Professor
Email ID: melissancert(at)gmail(dot)com
Contact No: 9863369931

Tripura State Contacts

Director, School Education, Govt. of Tripura, Agartala-799001 Tripura (W), Tripura, INDIA

Tel:- 0381-2323835

Director, State Council of Educational Research and Training, Government of Tripura, Abhoynagar, Agartala-799005 Tripura (W), Tripura, INDIA

Tel/Fax:- 0381-2354209

DIET Address

  1. DIET, (Basic Training College), Kakraban, South Tripura, Tripura – 799120
  2. DIET, Vidyanagar, P.O. Paiturbazar, Kailashahar, North Tripura, Tripura – 799 279
  3. DIET, Garad Tilla, P.O. Kamalpur, Dist. Dhalai, Tripura – 799 279
  4. DIET, Abhoya Nagar, West Tripura, Tripura – 799005

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