Lecture Forum

As a constituent unit of the NCERT, academic excellence in the field of school education is what the Institute stands and aspires for. Besides the many academic activities that are taking place in the Institute, the Lecture Forum was instituted at NERIE, Shillong for enhancing academic interaction amongst the faculty members for their healthy growth in academic interests. It has been felt that NCF 2005 is a comprehensive and sophisticated document which requires frequent and intensive discussion amongst all colleagues. To make such discussions a regular in-house activity Tuesday’s afternoons are usually set aside for this purpose. Since its inception in 2007, the forum has been organizing lectures delivered by the faculty members and in some occasions guest lecturers of repute in different spheres of academics were invited to the institute to deliver lectures.

In the academic year 2009-2010, altogether seven (7) lectures were arranged in the institution. The first lecture was delivered by Dr. Ch. Sarajubala Devi on the NFG Report, “Teaching of English”. The second lecture was from Dr. Sima Saigal, on the NFG Report, “Aims of Education”. A break from the faculty member’s deliberation was taken and Dr. Sylvannus Lamare, St. Edmunds College, Shillong, was invited to deliver a lecture on “Scripts in NE Region – with special reference to Meghalaya”. Coming back to faculty initiatives a talk was delivered by Dr. B.K. Singh, on the position paper “Gender Issues in Education”. Faculty effort to attain academic excellence on other core issues of National Curriculum Framework-2005 was adhered and a talk was delivered by Mr. T. Newmei on “Critical Pedagogy”. This was followed by a talk on ‘Education: Cliché and reality’ delivered by Prof. J.P. Bagchi. The years’ last talk was again on a NFG Report on “Work and Education” by Dr. Abhay Kumar. On all the occasion, the faculty members showed great enthusiasm and the sessions were very interactive. During 2010-11, a few talks could be organized.

The in-charge of this forum is Dr. F. G. Dkhar, Associate Professor in, Education.