B M Pugh Memorial Lectures

B M Pugh: a Profile

Bransley Marpna Pugh was born on 24 September 1897. His father then stationed at the Laitkynsiew village was an employee of the Welsh Presbyterian Mission and was looking after the activities of the mission in four of the neighbouring churches. Originally belonging to a fairly well established landed family in Shella, a place located on a typical hill-plain interface now bordering Bangladesh, Pugh’s father was constrained to take up an assignment with the Welsh mission to support his family consequent upon the devastating earthquake that rocked this part of the land on 12 June, 1897 causing large-scale destruction of life and property that along with a host of others robbed him too of his landed resources. Pugh’s father had never ever been able to actually recuperate this loss at a later time. That devastating earthquake, in fact, in a matter of minutes, transformed many well-to-do families into paupers thereby compelling them to completely reset their agenda of life and livelihood to the bare needs of survival. Pugh’s father too was no exception.

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The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an apex organization, assisting and advising the Central and State governments by undertaking research, survey, and development, training and extension activities for all stages of school and teacher education.

One of the objectives of the Council is to act as a clearing house and disseminator of ideas relating to school and teacher education. We have initiated the current Memorial Lecture Series in order to fulfill this role and to commemorate the life and work of great educational thinkers. Our aim is to strive to raise the level of public awareness about the seminal contributions made in the field of education by eminent men and women of India. We expect that such awareness will set off a chain of discourse and discussion. This, we hope, will make education a lively subject of inquiry while simultaneously encouraging a sustained public engagement with this important domain of national life.

The memorial lecture series covers public lectures commemorating the life and work of nine eminent Indian educational thinkers and practitioners.

Title and Venue of Memorial Lecture Series

Title Venue
Gijubhai Badekha Memorial Lecture Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai             
Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Lecture Regional Institute of Education, Bhubaneswar
Zakir Hussain Memorial Lecture Regional Institute of Education, Mysore
Mahadevi Verma Memorial Lecture Regional Institute of Education, Bhopal
B.M. Pugh Memorial Lecture North East Regional Institute of Education, Shillong
Savitribai Phule Memorial Lecture SNDT Women’s University Mumbai
Marjorie Sykes Memorial Lecture Regional Institute of Education, Ajmer
Sri Aurobindo Memorial Lecture Presidency College, Kolkata
Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Lecture National Institute of Education, NCERT, New Delhi

We invite men and women of eminence from academia and public life to deliver these lectures in English or any other Indian language. Our intention is to reach to large audiences consisting in particular of teachers, students, parents, writers, artists, NGOs, government servants and members of the local communities.

We hope these lecture series will be of use to our audience as well as to the public in and outside the country in general.                       

B.M. Pugh Memorial Lectures


BM Pugh Memorial Lecture Series





11 March, 2008


Women’s College, Shillong

Shri. Ratan Thiyam Chairperson, Chorus Repertory Theatre, Imphal

Theatre Language and Expression

Professor T. Ao Dean, School of Humanities, NEHU, Shillong

27 March, 2009


Don Bosco Youth Center, Shillong

Shri. P. Sainath Rural Affair Editor The Hindu, Mumbai

India in the Age of Inequality: Farm Crisis, Food Crisis and the Media

Ms. Patricia Mukhim, Editor, Shillong Times, Shillong

17 March, 2010


St Mary’s College of Teacher Education, Shillong

Professor Nandini Sundar, Professor of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, Delhi

Social and Political Exclusion, Religious Inclusion: The Adivasi Question in Education

Prof. J. P. Bagchi, Principal, NERIE, Shillong

10 November, 2010


NEC Auditorium, Nongrim Hills, Shillong

Vinod Raina,
Member, Central Advisory Board of Education

Education and Knowledge in the Time of Globalization: Inclusion, Quality and Agency

Shri Hasibuddin Ahmed, Advocate